The List

The Bucket List Blog

“It matters not what someone is born, but what they grow to be.”

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, J.K. Rowling

At the time of writing this, I am nearing 28 years old and still do not know what I want to grow up to be but decided that it would be nice to document all the wonderful things that I see, do and achieve on my way there. So here we have it, the full list of 101 things that I want to do before I die. Who knows, I might even grow up along the way to! (Maybe)!

Tip: If you click on the hyperlinked items, it will take you to any blog posts on that particular item. I know, genius.

  1. Kayak the Witch’s Cauldron
  2. Win an award
  3. Walk the Pembrokeshire Coastal Path
  4. Start a blog
  5. Get my star sign tattooed
  6. Grow vegetables
  7. Get my powerboat license
  8. Stand up on a Paddleboard
  9. See Il Divo live
  10. Visit Longbeach, CA
  11. Have a manor house wedding
  12. See Michael Bublé on tour
  13. Fit into my size 10 sequin dress
  14. Stand in Batman’s Lair
  15. Own a campsite
  16. Swim the Blue Lagoon, Pembrokeshire
  17. Visit Porth Wen, Bull Bay
  18. Watch the sun set at Broughton Bay
  19. Hold a ‘Head of’ job title
  20. Renovate a House
  21. Visit High Force
  22. Own a campervan
  23. Renovate a campervan
  24. Be a Charity Trustee
  25. Have a pet Corgi
  26. Have ice cream at the beach in the back of a pick up truck
  27. Breakfast at Duck & Waffle
  28. Learn how to play poker
  29. Cross the ‘Gateway to the Otherworld’ – Ffynnone Woods Waterfall 
  30. Get matching tattoos with someone
  31. Go on a cruise
  32. Visit an aquarium
  33. Reach 100 blog subscribers
  34. Handmake furniture
  35. Go in the London Dungeons
  36. Go to Ireland
  37. Start a t-shirt company
  38. Picnic at Claverton Weir
  39. BBQ at Dancing Ledge
  40. Bake a cheesecake
  41. Journal for a whole year
  42. Skinny dip
  43. Drive a digger
  44. Lift my own bodyweight
  45. Go to a yoga class
  46. 24 hour Three Peaks Challenge
  47. Own a 4×4
  48. Own Fairfax & Favor boots
  49. Take a selfie with a farm animal
  50. Cut my hair short
  51. Leave a time capsule
  52. Host a garden party
  53. Try aerial yoga
  54. See Les Misérables in London 
  55. Publish a Book
  56. Own a Luis Vuitton suitcase
  57. Shop at Nordstrom Rack
  58. Ride a helicopter
  59. Start a Youtube channel
  60. Visit a Target store
  61. First Facebook Live
  62. Bake bread
  63. Get sponsorship/partnership for my blog
  64. Run 5k
  65. Host Christmas Day dinner
  66. Bristol Balloon Fiesta Night Glow – VIP style
  67. Climb the O2, London
  68. Build a swimming pond
  69. Monopoly Board Pub Crawl
  70. Perfect homemade pizza dough
  71. Afternoon Tea at Highclere Castle
  72. Have a cocktail on Burgh Island
  73. Walk the River Wye through Chee Dale
  74. Hike Bowlees to Low Force, via Gibson’s Cave
  75. Visit the Isles of Scilly
  76. Swim the green pools of Ynys Gifftan
  77. Explore Wrysgan Quarry & Tunnel, Snowdonia
  78. Eat at Atomic Burger
  79. See the sunrise and sunset in one day
  80. Homemade christmas presents
  81. Leave a love note on a bathroom mirror
  82. Make a christmas wreath
  83. Bake gingerbread
  84. Act out a famous movie scene
  85. Visit Bruges in the winter
  86. Kiss under mistletoe
  87. Recreate a first date
  88. Design a monogram
  89. Stay up all night
  90. Ride a tandem bike
  91. Get a henna tattoo
  92. Make a wish at the Trevi Fountain, Italy
  93. Walk Hadrian’s Wall to Houseteads Roman Fort
  94. See the Edinburgh Tattoo
  95. Visit a Scottish Loch
  96. Afternoon Tea in Cornwall
  97. Go on a steam train
  98. See The Proms at Royal Albert Hall
  99. Complete at online course
  100. Go to Cadbury World
  101. See the Purple Carpet at Micheldever Woods

I’m always on the look out for individuals, companies or groups that may be able to help me achieve any of these so please do get in touch on my social pages or by emailing