Meet Our Team

This may be the bucket list of just one person, but a great deal of work goes in to achieving 101 things! We are a small team of friendly faces, looking to inspire people to get the most out of each and every day by constantly taking steps towards achieving their life goals! We really hope that our content inspires you! Keep scrolling to meet the team and get in touch if you want to know more about partnerships with us.

Emma Lynn

The one with the really long bucket list

Facing a debilitating and incurable condition each and every day, Emma is on a mission to complete her bucket list and have a hell of a lot of fun along the way! Lupus warrior, outdoor enthusiast, picnic lover and crazy dog lady, Emma has 101 things to tick off the list and no intention of giving up anytime soon!

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Hades the Husky

Adorable sidekick and giver of cuddles

Hades is a big dog with an even bigger heart. We couldn’t ask for a better partner in crime. When not out adventuring, Hades looks after Emma and monitors her condition to keep her as healthy and well as possible. He’s very protective but can usually be won over with ear scratches or tummy rubs.


Supposed ‘Alpha’

Joseph joins most of the larger adventures to keep the team fed, watered and close to a first aid kit and rescue vehicle. Has a moral objection to photographs. Also likes to think that he ranks above the dog – the dog thinks otherwise.

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