Training with your Dog

Dogs are amazing, that’s not in question. But the past week or so has left me a little bit ranty (I’m pretty sure that’s not even a real word), so bear with me.

There is a time and place to train with your dog and take them out with you. High temperatures IS NOT the time! You may think that it is cruel to not take them out but honestly, it is more cruel to risk their lives in the heat.

I am in no way telling you how to look after your dog. each dog has their own limits and as a caring owner, you will know these better than anyone else but please be considerate when deciding to take your furry companion with you or not.

Hades LOVES training with me. We walk 2-3 hours a day, usually early morning and late evening and can often be found at the beach getting some breeze, having a little paddle and sharing some tea and biscuits (he’s an only child, don’t judge me). But I will not hesitate to leave him at home if it is best for him. I personally won’t walk my dog in temperatures above 20 degrees (Celsius) as I know that with his double coat, he cannot handle it. The only exception would be taking him in the van down to the beach or a shaded river walk where we know it will be cooler. Our favourite alternatives are having a drink at the local with a few other dogs (we don’t really care much for humans) or having a duvet day and binge watching questionable daytime tv!

As you can, Hades is very outdoorsy but it also a huge fan of chilling on the sofa with his favourite blanket or at the pub with a pint (not his – he did have a doggy beer though but that really did not last long)!

What are your favourite dog friendly things to do? If you have any recommendations, I’d love to hear them so please do drop them below in the comments!

Until next time…Em x