Start a Blog

It seems crazy to be ticking this one off the list but I guess since I’m writing this, I can officially say that I’ve started a blog!

I wasn’t too sure what to write for this post actually but after asking a few people, it seems a common consensus that some tips for starting a blog and how I’ve found it is wanted the most, so here we go!

1 – It is SO much harder than it looks.

Any seasoned bloggers out there will agree with this and I thought it was a good place to start. Coming up with interesting things to say, creating the right imagery for your posts and sticking to some sort of routine is really tough; especially around a full time job. My hat goes off to all the vloggers out there because that stuff is next level commitment! In comparison, I’m currently laid on the bed, with the dog and we’re both ready for bed – nobody needs to see that on camera so thankfully we are safe behind our keyboard!

2 – You’ll watch more YouTube videos on website coding that you care to admit

I have a background in photography and graphic design and have picked up some basic coding skills along the way whilst doing online portfolios but YouTube had been my absolute saviour over the past few weeks to help me get my blog looking (nearly) the way I want it. And that brings me on to my next point…

3 – Picking a ‘look’ is harder than picking an outfit

That makes it sound like I care what I wear; I really don’t. Hades and I are very much ‘leggings and a hoody’ type people as we spend most our time outdoors but that doesn’t take away from the point I’m trying to make. I wanted my web page to reflect my blog and who I am so wanted something clean, fresh, fun, minimalist and easy to use. That’s really hard to portray in colours, fonts and random boxes of text. After weeks of playing around with it though, I am relatively happy with it (for now)!

4 – Getting over yourself but not getting over yourself

I’ve learnt that when writing a blog, you really need to get over yourself, but not too much; it’s a really fine line. Readers want you to be interesting and produce content that they want to see, so there is an element of it being less about you and more about your readers; which I’m totally cool with. But there is also an element of confidence too. It’s a tough balance to strike but I hope I’m getting it right! Well, you all keep coming back to read more so I must be doing something right. Unless you’re just here to laugh at me? In which case, harsh. I thought we were friends?! Ha.

5 – The people are amazing! Truly amazing.

I actually chose to set up my blog on WordPress for a reason. Whilst I pay extra to have my own domain name and control the look and feel of my blog, I really wanted access to the community on WordPress. To all the WP bloggers reading this – you are just incredible! This community that you have built, all supporting each other in such creative ways is truly wonderful and I honestly feel privileged that you subscribe and read me content. I have so much to learn from you all but everyone has been so kind and welcoming so far – I just hope that I can do justice and continue the wonderful world of blogging.

There is honestly so much that I’ve learnt so far and will happily make a few more posts out of this over time, but for the sake of not boring you all to death, I shall sign off for now. If you do have any tips or pointers though, I would love to hear them so please do leave them in the comments! Likewise, if you have a blog post you’ve written that you are particularly proud of, drop it below as I’d love the inspiration!

Until next time…Em x