Back to School…(EEK)!

So, quite far down on my list was to do an online course and the recent lock down has given me time to do this sooner than planned. And with my new found love of writing this blog, what better topic for my online course!

I have enrolled with the Centre of Excellence and found the whole process really straight forward actually. I chose my course, paid my fees and had instant access to my course materials online.

So far, I have submitted two modules for assessment and had my grades back within two weeks as promised. I still have another seven modules to do but you have access to the materials for life, so there is no rush.

I will post further updates as I go but for anyone considering doing an online course but like me, isn’t willing to commit the time and money to a full degree, these guys were amazing value for money!

With my full (unpaid) endorsement, check them out here –