My June Journal

So, this journaling stuff is actually going rather well. Even I’m amazed at my commitment so far! I’m usually one to flee at the first sign of difficulty or potential failure but this is really teaching me to be more patient and allow the learning process to run it’s course. It’s tough, having pages which aren’t perfect, but that is part of the journey and part of the reason I wanted to do it for a whole year. Hopefully, being able to look back on my first pages at the end of a full year and feeling a sense of pride – we’ll see!

Here are my first few pages though. What do you think?

A monthly cover page for June. This will be followed by weekly layouts and the occasional full page design.
An example of one of my full page creative posts, used to break up the formal grid layouts that are being used for my weeklies.

I’d love to know what you think and especially if you have any pointers for this newbie. I’ve got a REALLY long way to go but I’m pretty chuffed with my first few attempts!

Until next time…Em x