Who’s Influencing my Journal Style?

This is one I’ve been watching from the side lines for a while on. I follow a few great bullet journal accounts on social media and am constantly in awe over how beautiful their pages look; to the point where it actually stopped me from trying for quite some time because I thought I could never compare! We’ve all felt that though, right? That’s when I added it to my bucket list – to force myself to give it a go!

So, I’ve just bought some supplies (I’ll do another post about which materials I’m using and liking most in a few weeks) but for now, thought it may be nice to share with you some of my main sources of inspiration and chuck around some praise for the creatives producing beautiful journal pages each and every day!

Firstly, lets talk about a lovely lass working in my hometown, Newcastle. Hayley’s journal, like all those below that I’ve taken inspiration from, is clean and generally with black ink and the occasional mixed media page. I love that her pages clearly represent how she is feeling as each month has an entirely different theme. She is very talented and I’d highly recommend giving her a follow!

From what I’ve read, the next few months will be trial and error (undoubtedly more error!) to find my own personal style but I’m really excited to have such a creative outlet and be one step closer to ticking this item off the bucket list!

Stay tuned for more updates.

Until next time…Em x