A Commitment to Myself

Did you know that this is one of Europes most popular walking routes and at a staggering 186 miles of coastal terrain, it’s a 10-14 day challenge for most people.

I’ve been to Pembrokeshire so many times, even lived there for a while and have walked most of this coastal path but in order to check this item off my list, I need to walk the whole thing with no detours. That sort of thing requires a lot of training for someone with the fitness level of your Grandma! Ha.

So I’m aiming for April/May 2022, in hopes that I can shift a bit of weight first and get the land purchase off my to do list first – a girl can dream, right?!

The journey to complete this bucket list item will be a long one so expect a LOT of posts about it! And if you have any tips, gear suggestions or anything like that, I’d love to hear them in the comments!

Until next time…Em x